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Constant & Company are employed nationally on a daily basis to recover possession of land from unwanted trespassers. We believe we are the most experienced, professional and busiest company in this type of work.

Court proceedings involve delay that can be extremely expensive. An occupation over several weeks at a trading site or shopping mall can result in a disastrous loss of business, but there is a fast alternative course of action that we utilise regularly and very successfully for many high-profile clients. Our bailiffs take legal possession of an occupied site usually within 24 to 48 hours of being instructed. Police are informed and called upon as necessary. We arrange attendance of tow trucks and cleansing contractors if needed.

Maybe your property has recently been occupied and has now been vacated. You may be thinking about clean-up services, temporary site security and/or concrete barriers quickly to prevent it happening again? We are your 'one-stop shop' and can provide a tailored, cost effective solution through our carefully selected partners.

A telephone call will initiate the process.

Fly-traders and squatters in premises are a continuing problem to property agents and commercial landlords, as are unlicensed street traders using stalls or mobile cafes. We can advise on likely courses of action, and will act swiftly on receipt of instructions to negotiate, repossess or evict.

Telephone us to discuss particular problems.



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